Saturday 5.8

11.11 a.m. – VERDO Concert Hall
Matthias Kirschnereit – Piano
Ensemble Quinton – Wind Quintet

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Eleven Past Eleven: Welcome to the "Gezeitenkonzerte" Festival feat. "Peak Performers"

A festival greeting from the Elbe River to the North Sea. Since 2012, Matthias Kirschnereit, professor in Rostock and President of Hamburg's Brahms Society, has been the artistic director of the "Gezeitenkonzerte" (High Tide Concerts) in East Frisland. As most years, Oliver Wille has extended an invitation to another European chamber music hot spot. Echo Klassik prize-winner Kirschnereit and his young "Peak Performers" happily agreed to participate in our Mozart year, especially seeing as how Kirschnereit has been celebrated for the "buoyant liveliness" of his solo performances of Mozart's piano concertos or, recently, for his recordings of all of Haydn's concertos.

06.06 p.m. – VERDO Concert Hall
Catherina Lendle – Violin
Garth Knox – Viola
Kuss Quartet – String Quartet
Wiener Glasharmonika Duo
Ensemble Quinton – Wind Quintet

Matthias Kirschnereit – Piano
Izabella Simon – Piano
Dénes Várjon – Piano
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Six Past Six: Mozart Party Marathon with works by Mozart, Schubert, Grieg, Schönfeldinger, Webern, Dvořák, Knox, Haydn, Debussy, Rachmaninow, Glass ...

Mozart, a godsend! And a bunch of Festival musicians are having a party for the Salzburg genius's divine music and its influence on ensuant generations. Piano quintet movements by Mozart and Anton Webern join up, unusual instruments pry open new sound frontiers, rarities and big hits collaborate. We ask the audience to contribute short amusing texts by, to or about Mozart. A selection of them will serve as counterpoints within the program. When the first stage of the marathon ends at 7:30 p.m. there will be plenty of time to enjoy the Viennese buffet created by the VERDO restaurant especially for this event. The second stage of the marathon continues at 9:00 p.m. The buffet is not included in the admission price.

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