Saturday 3.7

13.01 – At the Marketplace, Old Town Island Hitzacker (Elbe), Admission free
One Past One: Festival Opening – With a Bang!

Inspiration in Hitzacker’s Old Town. The 76th Summer Festival gets off to a magical start. Just wait and see. Admission free. Members of the Festival Society of Friends toast the festival together at a special meeting point.

15.03 – VERDO Concert Hall
Nico and the Navigators:
Sophie Klußmann – Soprano
Sarah Laulan – Contra Alto
Ted Schmitz – Tenor
Nikolay Borchev – Baritone
Yui Kawaguchi – Choreography, Dance
Michael Shapira – Choreography, Dance
Lujain Mustafa – Dance
Jan Philip Schulze – Piano
Tobias Weber – Arrangements, Electric guitar and Stringed instruments
Kuss Quartett – String Quartet
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Three Past Three: Silent Songs into the Wild – A Franz Schubert Concert Staged in the Here and Now

Extraordinarily staged, casted just for Hitzacker – the renowned Lied cycles like “Die Winterreise”, “Die schöne Müllerin” or “Schwanengesang” were originally intended for a performance at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, which was devastated by fire at the beginning of the year. Franz Schubert’s compositions were often inspired by poetry dealing with roaming about or taking leave – words that capture the feelings of foreignness and loneliness which lead us to yearn for security. But how do these works sound in the 21st century, what with the pandemic forcing us to stay apart and with millions of people around the globe forced to leave their homelands, fleeing into new insecurity? The concert enacts an answer in musical dimensions. Duration about 120 minutes plus break.

Between 17.00 + 19.30 – Kunsthalle Oktogon, Hitzacker
Admission free, booking online necessary
About Schubert.SPACE

19.07 – Kurpark Hitzacker (Elbe), Admission free
Seven Past Seven: Opening of the Listening Garden Digital

Approximately one hour before the start of selected evening concerts you can listen to excerpts from the program booklets or thoughts on the festival's focus in a relaxed atmosphere by the Kneipp basin (in German laguage).

20.08 – VERDO Concert Hall
Christian Tetzlaff – Violin
Lars Vogt – Piano
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Eight Past Eight: Duo

Dmitri Schostakowitsch (1906–1975): Sonate op. 134
György Kurtág (*1926): Tre Pezzi op. 14
Franz Schubert (1797–1828): Sonate a-Moll und Rondo h-Moll

When the violinist Christian Tetzlaff and the pianist and conductor Lars Vogt perform together, the result is always an extraordinarily risky expedition into uncharted territories, guided by the trust that stems from true friendship. Schubert’s minor spheres, often gliding into an idealized otherworldly major key, are just as perfect a territory for such expeditions as are the masterly duos by the Russian Shostakovich and the Hungarian Kurtág, testing as they do the limits of yearning, sensibility and sarcasm.

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