Wednesday 3.8

9.09 a.m. – 10.10 a.m. St. Johannis Church Hitzacker (Elbe), admission free
Nine past Nine: Everyman’s Choir with Alexander Lüken, choir director

A great way to start the day! Assuming the Corona rules allow it, our popular festival choir will be gathering in the church in the center of Hitzacker’s old town to sing. Once again, director Alexander Lüken has put together a program for everyman, for sixty minutes of pure joy.

5.05 p.m. – VERDO in the garden area (admission free)
Five past Five: Audience Academy Spotlight with Jan Philip Schulze, Introduction to the Concert

6.06 p.m. – VERDO Concert Hall
Prize-winning Lied duos:
Monika Abel – Soprano, Kathrin Isabelle Klein – Piano
Natalie Jurk – Mezzosoprano, Albert Mena – Piano
Arvid Fagerfjäll – Baritone, Hikaru Kanki – Piano

Jan Philip Schulze – Piano
Guests: Abel Selaocoe – Cello, Alon Sariel – Mandolin, Loud, Hurdy-gurdy, Electric guitar
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Six past Six: Finale of the Lied Academy – 1000 Years of the Lied

The pianist Jan Philip Schulze, Lower Saxony’s stellar creative mentor and Lied motivator, tops off the Summer Festival’s Vocal Academy with a kaleidoscope of the thousand-year history of the universe of word and tone. The program is presented by the duo laureates of selected competitions.

9.09 p.m. – VERDO Concert Hall
Abel Selaocoe – Cello
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Neun nach Neun: Jazz und Weltmusik

Nine past Nine: Jazz and World Music

There is no category on the international music scene that does justice to Abel Selaocoe’s mesmerizing performances. The South African cellist glides effortlessly from the historic classical genre and New Music for strings over to the world of jazz and world music and back again. Exciting explorations, at once fascinating and unpredictable. Duration approx. 70 minutes, no interval

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